Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wag Cartoon Albums at Facebook

Like many blogs, mine are infrequently updated. Many more are never updated after the first few entries. Most people are too busy to take the time, and if you aren't either independently wealthy or selling something to help sustain yourself, it's even harder to justify doing these. For this topic, political cartooning, I feel it is important enough to try to put something out there to at least create a slight CHANCE of recovering the medium to some degree by offering an approach I've taken that departs significantly from what the corporate cartoonists do and attempts to apply the higher goals and methods of political cartooning that have been used in years past--for example, most recently, by Ward Sutton when he was writing and drawing them for the Village Voice in the past decade, and going back to Bill Sanders, the retired Milwaukee Journal editorial cartoonist who is still blogging and cartooning today, to Thomas Nast, to Ben Franklin's "JOIN, OR DIE" snake cartoon.

As I take occasional jabs at doing a new political caricature sketch here or there, and make some comments that I would otherwise be putting into cartoon form if I had a base and the time and enough income to allow me to do so, I usually post these at my Facebook page on political cartooning, which started out primarily as a place to make available an archive of my past cartoons from various publications. At this point, the cartoons that can be found there are almost all from the Minnesota Daily, where I returned to draw as staff editorial cartoonist in the late 1990s and early 2000s while earning my Master of Fine Arts degree in Multimedia Design and beginning work on a PhD in Design Communication.
Here is the URL for that page, for those who would be interested:
I will continue to post occasional comments here about political cartooning as a medium or art form, and about the political cartooning profession, but for some of my political cartoons themselves or topical satirical and sarcastic analysis, albeit mostly verbal for now, please visit the Facebook page. Thanks for any interest and support in this often seemingly futile effort.